Teenage skin care | dermatologist recommends

Teenage skin care | dermatologist recommends

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14 May, 2024
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I get asked a lot of questions about skin care for teenagers .

Here are few basics that I want every teenager to know

✅Keep it simple and stick to basics
Just a simple cleanser , moisturiser and susncreen are good enough. You didn’t need a complicated fancy routine. Keep it simple and be consistent

▪️few cleanser recommendations
✔️Dry skin or normal skin: episoft, cera ve hydrating cleanser, cetaphil cleanser
✔️Oily skin or combination skin: saslic ds , lysalic, lyrasol

▪️moistursier recommendations :
✔️Dry skin: Cetaphil dam, Venusia max, oilatim
✔️Oily skin and combination skin: emolene, excela, Acne oc
✔️Normal skin: Venusia derm, cetaphil moisturising cream

✅Treat acne promptly
Don’t take acne lightly. It can leave behind permanent scars. Don’t pop your acne and treat them correctly. Best to visit a dermatologist for prescription medications for acne.

▪️Few creams for acne prone skin:
✔️Salicylic acid in the morning
✔️Adapalene at night

✅ No need for retinol . Use Niacinamide & ceramide instead
Actives might be very tempting but using only soothing ingredients like niacinamide and ceramides.
▪️Few recommendations
The derma Co 5 % niacinamide serum
Bebodywise niacinamide 10 %
Dot and key skin barrier repair cream with ceramide
Aquaoat ceramide moisturiser

Make it a habit it use susncreen regulatory . Your skin will than you later
Dry or normal skin: sunstop silk, photostable
Oily or combination skin: acne uV gel sunscreen
Sensitive skin: neutrogena sheer zinc, la shield fisico

✅Don’t try too many products
Be good to your skin and don’t experiment too much. You don’t need all the products you see online.

✅Keep scalp clean
Washing your scalp once a week is not enough. Scalp has to remain clean. Wash atleast 2-3 times a week.

✅Change pillow cover every 2 days
All the oils form hair tends to rub in the pillow case while you sleep which comes on the face. This may exacerbate acne. So changing pillow cover is very important especially if you have oily acne prone skin and or oily scalp.

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